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Brush up on your skills with these great cyber learning opportunities.

Cyberdays - National Cyber Security Skills Youth Series

ICTC’s cyber security learning events provide a day of cybersecurity skills learning for secondary school students with hands-on, interactive learning about the Cyber Security threats we are facing and the skills needed to safeguard our privacy and protect the integrity of Canadian companies and governments. Students hear from industry experts about cyber security in Canada, connect with mentors about cyber careers and then jump right into learning the skills necessary to secure a network in a fun and interactive way, led by amazing educators! Partner with us to bring this to your community. Contact [email protected]

“CyberDay was a great experience for my senior students. It was awesome getting them to work together to patch vulnerabilities on a simulation of our prime minister’s computer. The tasks ranged in difficulty and it challenged my students to think outside of the box and utilize resources available to them. The challenge was very hands on and it allowed the students to use their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned in class.”

– Jerry Chen, Computers and Business Education Teacher, Cariboo Hill Secondary School, Burnaby, British Columbia

Watch the CTV Winnipeg story on the DisruptED CyberDay from February 1st, 2019

Watch the CTV Video

Focus on IT and Cyber Program

The Focus on IT (FIT) program is delivered across Canada to students in grades 10, 11 and 12 at over 200 secondary schools.

ICTC will be updating its current Focus of IT (FIT) learning streams to include cyber security skills for secondary school students and educators. If you are interested in participating as an educator, student or industry expert in the development of our FIT cyber security stream, please contact [email protected].

Watch our video to find out more about the FIT program and our 4 concentrations.

Watch the FIT Video

ICTC’s FIT Program Concentrations

Interactive Media
Web design and development, social and mobile media, interactive games and e-commerce. Blend business, technology and leadership skills to address exciting opportunities in the workplace.
Software Design and Development
Solution design, integration, programming and database development. Use your technical competencies to develop applications and systems to solve real-world problems.
Business and Information Analysis
Business and information analysis or systems architecture. Use your technical and business skills to analyze and respond to business needs and recommend affordable ICT solutions.
Network Systems and Operations
technical and communications platform maintenance critical to the smooth operations of an organization. Use your skills to implement and maintain mission-critical hardware and software.

General Skills – Business and Technical Skills

Please Note: These skills are embedded into each concentration and students graduate with both general and concentrated skills.

Business skills help students learn about the leadership, management style and operations of different organizations. Technical skills help students develop their ICT abilities to perform effectively in the workplace.