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There is real value in having your name associated with a program that is inspiring high school and middle school students toward careers in cybersecurity and STEM!

This past year, 130 CyberTitan teams competed over four months to secure one of the ten top spots at the National Finals! We are looking forward to growing the teams for the 2022-23 school season and continuing the excitement as we introduce the 6th annual CyberTitan National Competition Finals in the Spring of 2023. As a partner, you can help it happen!

How CyberTitan Makes a Difference

Teams of 4-6 students work collaboratively over the course of 4 - 5 months learning practical IT and cybersecurity skills which are further enhanced by participating in competitions with students not only locally, but globally. Through each round they learn new ways to strengthen their skillsets while further learning the art of collaboration, communication and team work. Teams will spend a minimum of 18-hours and those that complete the rounds of competition could compete for the National CyberTitan Championship held in Ottawa. The honour and distinction of the competition for each team is both exciting and confidence building.

Your Future Talent Stream

What we’ve learned from CyberTitan, employers were not only looking to the competitors in terms of scouting for future hires, employers were ready to hire CyberTitan national competitors immediately out of high school and train/educate them for their cybersecurity teams.

As a partner, you get to see first-hand a great source of a future talent stream. And, as we all know, the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals continues to grow.

How You Can Make a Difference

ICTC is looking for a variety of partners to continue to develop Canada’s future talent pipeline and the National CyberTitan Championship. Regardless of size or budget we have an option that could work for you: program partners, event sponsors, and in-kind contributors. Our partners can say they are helping develop Canada’s future technology executives, global leaders and entrepreneurs. And when you are asked, “What are you doing for Canada”, we hope your answer is “CyberTitan”.

Download our Partnership Package for more information on the partnership opportunities and to complete the Partnership Form.

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If you are interested in joining or would like more info on our CyberTitan Founders’ Circle as a strategic partner supporting us or introducing new elements to the competition, please contact us.