Competition Timeline 2019-2020

CyberTitan National Finals: May 14, 2019 and Awards Gala May 15, 2019.

All Canadian teams who register for CyberPatriot will automatically be part of CyberTitan. Canadian teams will compete together with US teams as part of CyberPatriot. The top CyberTitan teams will advance to the national finals in Ottawa, ON at the end of the Semifinals of the CyberPatriot competition. Teams will be selected based on how they score in the State Round (and/or Semifinals if they continue).

Please note, there are no back-up competition dates available for CyberPatriot.

CyberPatriot Competition Dates 

ROUND Dates​ Description
Qualification Round 1 TBA All teams may compete.  Tests basic of cybersecurity skills.
Qualification Round 2 TBA All teams may compete even if they did not compete in Round 1 or had a low score. More difficult than Round 1, to allow teams to be divided into skill-level tiers for the State Round.
State Round TBA All teams may compete with a clean slate. Past performance or participation in Rounds 1 and 2 do not count toward placement. Teams compete against other teams based on skill level for State Awards and Tier Awards.
Semifinals ​TBA Top teams compete for Tier Awards.  Platinum Tier and top Middle School teams compete for advancement to the National Finals Competition.
National Finals Competition (US) TBA National Finalist teams compete for National Championship in their respective divisions.
CyberTitan National Finals Competition (Canada) Competition: 2020 TBA


Canadian National Finalist teams compete for National Championship.



EVENT Dates Description
Exhibition Round 1 TBA Practice and Recruiting
Exhibition Round 2 TBA Practice and Recruiting
CP-X Sneak Preview TBA Practice/Test New Software
One Day – No Alternate Dates ​
Training Round TBA Training images with answer keys available for new team or refresher training. ​

More information on the CyberPatriot dates can be found here: