CYBERDAYS – National Cyber Security Skills Youth Series

ICTC’s cyber security learning events provide a day of cybersecurity skills learning for secondary school students with hands-on, interactive learning about the Cyber Security threats we are facing and the skills needed to safeguard our privacy and protect the integrity of Canadian companies and governments. Students hear from industry experts about cyber security in Canada, connect with mentors about cyber careers and then jump right into learning the skills necessary to secure a network in a fun and interactive way, led by amazing educators! Partner with us to bring this to your community. Contact [email protected]


“CyberDay was a great experience for my senior students. It was awesome getting them to work together to patch vulnerabilities on a simulation of our prime minister’s computer. The tasks ranged in difficulty and it challenged my students to think outside of the box and utilize resources available to them. The challenge was very hands on and it allowed the students to use their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned in class.” – Jerry Chen, Computers and Business Education Teacher, Cariboo Hill Secondary School, Burnaby, British Columbia

Watch this CTV Winnipeg story on the DisruptED CyberDay which occurred on February 1st, 2019: