All rounds of competition, with the exception of the National Finals, take place online. Teams may compete from any location; many participate at their school, organization, or public library. Competitions take place on specified weekends throughout the school year. Teams must complete all their work during one (1) six consecutive-hour period on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of these competition windows. They may only have one instance of an image open at a time. Here’s how it works.

Many of these steps are illustrated in this instructional video

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The CyberTitan II Nationals will take place May 14, 2019 in Ottawa, ON followed by a awards gala the evening of May 15.

All CyberTitan teams interested in competing in the 2018-19 season will have to register and participate in CyberPatriot to be able to compete in the CyberTitan National Finals. The top 10 Canadian CyberTitan teams participating in CyberPatriot will advance to the finals. Each competition season, registered CyberTitan teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the national finals and compete at various locations across Canada. Only Canadian teams will be able to compete.