Cyber Security is headline news. Privacy breaches, compromised data systems, and unauthorized access to corporate secrets are playing out in real life every day in Canada and globally. As a country, we need to prepare the next generation of students with skills necessary to protect our governments, industries, and individuals from this global threat while also providing pathways to promising careers.

As tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, youth are a vital talent pool to meet cyber security skill demands. Additionally, regardless of what career path youth choose, ensuring they develop cyber security skills in school is paramount to equip them with critical digital and cyber skills as the Internet of Things permeates their everyday lives.

Recognizing the importance of this, through our Focus on IT (FIT) program, we, at ICTC, introduce CyberTitan, Canada’s Cyber Security Education Initiative, a partnership initiative with industry, government and schools across Canada to develop relevant student skills that are essential to their seamless transition into post-secondary ICT education pathways, with the hope they will graduate to employment in fields that drive Canada’s economic prosperity and innovation.

Team at CyberTitan Finals 2017-18

CyberTitan – Canada’s Cyber Security Education Initiative – is offered by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) in affiliation with the (US) Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Program which is presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation. This collaboration of National Youth Cyber Education Programs seeks to promote education and awareness in technology education and foster excellence in students pursuing careers in cyber security or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas.

CyberTitan is focused on preparing middle and secondary school students with skills for the digital economy by creating learning opportunities for students to engage in hands-on simulated environments that develop skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education programs, to learn skills essential to work in many STEM fields, and to identify roles students can play help to secure our systems.

CyberTitan is a comprehensive online competition that scores students across North America in real time. This unique and engaging environment will provide students immediate feedback on their level of cyber security comprehension. And, CyberTitan can be integrated into any technology-related course throughout the school year or delivered as an after-school or lunch program.

It’s an opportunity to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving opportunities and create a community of technology learners working toward a vision of success while representing their school, province and country in cyber security defence competitions.

Each school year, CyberTitan teams compete to earn a trip to the CyberTitan National Finals in May in Ottawa, ON where the best 10 teams across Canada will compete. Additionally, CyberTitan teams also compete with teams across North America to earn an all-expense paid trip to Baltimore, Maryland to compete in the CyberPatriot National Finals (April each year).

Thank you to Sisler High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba for helping us kick-start CyberTitan in Canada. Watch a video recap of their team  and their experience in the past at CyberPatriot National Finals.

If you would like more information about how to join CyberTitan, please contact us at [email protected]

“Reaching the youth, helping them understand not only the demand for the various roles, but the personal satisfaction available in a cybersecurity career, is a foundational step to addressing the growing need.  They are our future innovators, entrepreneurs and solution providers and the council members and I are privileged to be part of this critical initiative to get them engaged.” – Jamie Rees, CISO, Énergie NB Power, Chair, National Cyber Security Leadership Council on Youth and Education, ICTC.