May 9, 2019

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Canada’s National Cyber Security Youth and Education Initiative


ICTC – CyberTitan III Partnership Package

There is real value in having your name associated with a program that is inspiring high school and middle school students toward careers in cybersecurity and STEM!

This past year, 189 CyberTitan teams competed over 4 grueling months to secure 1 of 10 tops spots at the National Finals! We’re looking forward to growing the teams for the 2019-20 school season as well as continuing the excitement as we introduce the 3rd annual CyberTitan National Competition Finals in May 2020! As a partner, you can help it happen!

BENEFITS OF BEING A PARTNER – The benefits of being a CyberTitan partner are significant. Depending on the level of partnership you choose, you will have access to thousands of students, bright competitors, coaches and mentors to share your story and communicate why cyber security skills are critical and the role your organization is playing to build tomorrow’s cyber workforce.

HELP GROW THE CYBER WORKFORCE – CyberTitan competitors are tech-savvy and are in many cases looking for a future in ICT.  Their exposure to what you offer may be the answer you are looking for in building your workforce.  Do you have an internship or co-op program or any open entry-level ICT positions? What better pool of candidates could you find than the students who learn and demonstrate the outstanding cyber, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills provided by the CyberTitan program?

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! – Perhaps the most important reason to be a CyberTitan partner is that it puts you and your organization in an exclusive cadre of organizations who are doing the right thing to help promote and improve STEM and cyber education throughout Canada and you are helping to grow the next generation of cyber professionals!

Download our Partnership Package for more information on the partnership opportunities and to complete the partnership form:

If you are interested in becoming a national, regional or strategic partner or a community, food or gala sponsor, please fill out the form or feel free to contact us and we’ll fill it in for you!

We also welcome partners interested in a longer-term commitment: Partner with us for 2+ years & a 15% discount will apply. Contributors also welcome: Donation of prizes, equipment, space, etc. for the competition.To become a CyberTitan partner, fill out the form in the Partnership Package or contact us at [email protected]