The Finals

How it works, the rules, dates, results and more.

Qualifying for CyberTitan Finals in Ottawa, Ontario

10 teams advance to the CyberTitan National Finals in Ottawa, ON each Spring based on how they score through the CyberPatriot competition.

Open Division teams (8) will be determined by teams’ top scores in their select regions (starting with the Platinum level and moving to Gold ect.), with 1 additional team advancing as a wildcard (top all-female team) and 1 top Middle Division team.

Qualifying teams are announced each March.

Please note that only 2 teams per school will advance to the Finals, regardless of CyberPatriot score/rankings.


Open Division*

Four teams from Western Canada
(BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, NT, NU)

Four teams from Eastern Canada
(ON, QC, PE, NL, NS, NB)

One National team (Wildcard)

Middle Division
One National team (top team after semifinals)

*CyberTitan Open Division teams are based on top scores at the State Round & Semifinals when applicable starting in the Platinum level and working through the other levels as required.

Please note that the above information may change each Fall/Winter as determined by the competition development committee.

Qualifying for CyberPatriot Finals in Bethesda, Maryland

Following the Regional and Category Rounds, the top 12 Platinum tier Open Division teams and top two teams from each All Service Division category plus one Wild Card All Service team advance, all-expenses paid, to the in-person National Finals Competition in Bethesda, MD. There, the finalists compete face-to-face against other teams in their division to defend virtual networks from a professional aggressor team. Winners of the National Finals are awarded scholarship grants.

The Middle School competition is slightly different. After two qualifying rounds, the top 50% of teams advance to the Semifinals. From there, the top three teams advance to the CyberPatriot National Finals Competition.

More information about CyberPatriot Finals: